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October 2020

Trade of the Week / EOM+3 Season Trader

EOM +3 / END OF MONTH market effect – S&P 500 index

+2.561 EUR net profit, moderate risk
+5.122 EUR net profit, aggressive risk

Take advantage of seasonality / Microsoft

Microsoft typically rises during the time period from October 10th until November 5th. This seasonal pattern recurs almost every year! In this period Microsoft rose on average by 8.28% and gained 90% of winning trades over the past 20 years. This amounts to an impressive annualized gain of 203.90%! In these 18 trading days you can earn more than over an entire year. Seize the opportunity and stay ahead of the market!

September 2020

Season Trader / Week 38

This week we get 0.49 % Profit with the FED Drift and the
Big Expiration. Is it much? According our history data`s it is below the average.
The FED Drift Strategy has since 2003 249% Profit, which is an average of 12.9% profit/year and with just 8 days per year in the market.