Friday Gold Fever

The Goldprice shows a typical calendar effect. Put simply, the gold price tends to rise before the weekend. This phenomenon is the subject of numerous studies. In their academic study – Weekday effects on gold: Tokyo, London, and New York markets  the economists Yu, Lee and Shih conclude unequivocally “Friday shows positive and significant higher returns [on gold], “.

The economists Draper, Faff and Hillier in their study – Do Precious Metals Shine? An Investment Perspective – come to the important conclusion that portfolios which contain gold, silver or platinum perform significantly better than standard equity portfolios.

The strategy stands out due to its simplicity: buy gold every Thursday evening and maintain the position 24 hours. Several very experienced Investors and traders use versions of this strategy. 

Implementation could be achieved with a Future (GC) or Contracts for Difference (CFD`s).

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Performance Friday Gold Fever

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