# Best Seasonal Trading Strategies & Signals
Earn money through easy-to-implement strategies / Highly Profitable

Whether you're a beginner or a professional looking to intelligently seasonal trading strategies on stocks or commodities.

Season trading strategies are a trading approach that brings you the edge to be profitable on the stock markets.


Profit since January 2003

 Friday Gold Fever

207 %

 Turnaround Tuesday

189 %

The FED Drift

249 %

EOM+3 / End of the month effect

217 %

 Pound Shorter

175 %

The Big Expiration

156 %

200 years study concludes: Seasonality is the best investment strategy.

The Best Trading Strategies for your money


Receive specific buy and sell Signals


Academics agree on the existence of market effects, which tend to occur at specific points in time.


As a Trader you have to spend time and have to controll you emotions.

Trading in approved seasonal time pattern:

 Save time and eleminate the emotions. 

This market effects monitoring service is purely informational in nature and can in no way be construed as an advice or a proposal to invest. Persons who do decide to open a position based on market effects, acknowledge they do so solely based on their own decision and risk. They must keep in mind that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.