Stocks with the seasonal advantage

What are stocks with the seasonal advantage?

To find stocks with a seasonal advantage, you need to use historical data to analyze stocks. These can then result in seasonal patterns for certain stocks.

How can I take benefit of the seasonal advantage?

We analyzed stocks with historical data and found stocks with a seasonal advantage. You can build your trading setup on this. It is possible to improve the results with other factors such as technical analysis, fundamentals or price action, but also with a longer expenditure of time.

Stocks with seasonal advantage are also part of seasonal trading strategies.

Stocks with seasonal advantage

Lululemon Athletica I LULU

Lululemon (LULU) typically rises during the time period from November 17th until February 14th of the following year. This seasonal pattern recurs almost every year! 

On average Lululemon Athletica has delivered a very strong return of 21.21% in the seasonally strong period over the past 10 years, which corresponds to a very respectable annualized gain of 120.38%.

Microsoft Corp. I MSFT

Microsoft (MSFT) typically rises during the time period from October 10th until November 5th. This seasonal pattern recurs almost every year! In this period Microsoft rose on average by 8.28% and gained 90% of winning trades over the past 20 years. This amounts to an impressive annualized gain of 203.90%! In these 18 trading days you can earn more than over an entire year. Seize the opportunity and stay ahead of the market!


In the short span of 17 trading days (from January 28 to February 20), shares of this tech giant rose by almost 10% on average.

In addition, model returns have had a 90% win rate since 2013. This means that NVIDIA has made profits in 9 of the 10 years in the selected period.


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