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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many signals I get per week?
There is no fixed number of signals. On average you get around 3-4 signals. This is just a guideline. The number of signals, however, is variable and depends on what opportunities the market offers.

Which markets are analyzed?
Global and liquid markets are analyzed for the signals. You will regularly receive signals for various asset classes such as stocks, indices, currencies and commodities. The holding period is at least one day and can go up to several months.

How does the communication work?
You will receive the message via Telegram or SMS with the corresponding signal at least one hour before you should be active on the market. This ensures that you can actually implement every signal.

Is there also an extra exit Signal?
Yes, with every entry signal you will immediately receive a recommendation for exit. In addition, there is a reminder message when the time to get out has come.

How can I optimally implement the signals?

The easiest way is to implement the signals as recommended. Signals from the stock market professional give you clear statistical advantage on the stock market. How you use it, we naturally leave it to you. You can do it with a Minifuture, CFD or a levered ETF.