Be prepared for 2022!

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Be prepared for 2022 Season Trader closed the month with another nice win. The net return in 2021 is now +26.3%. This month illustrates the strength of diversification across eight strategies. Exceptionally, the end-of-month effect showed a weak performance. However, a rather rare Turnaround Tuesday signal has more than made up for this. This chart… Continue reading Be prepared for 2022!

Is Buy and Hold dead?

Is Buy and Hold dead? 1. Is Buy and Hold dead? The last 12 years have been unique on the capital market. Investors who invested in equities in a diversified manner since 2009 were generally able to achieve significant double-digit returns p.a. in their investment portfolio. A redeploy was not necessary. For the year as… Continue reading Is Buy and Hold dead?