Marketradar 28 Oktober 2022

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Market Radar 28. October 2022 Post-market lows were bought The SPY closed yesterday almost exactly at the 380 mark. Today, the SPY is expected to open below 380, as Amazon (AMZN) was trading significantly lower than at the day’s closing price in after-hours trading. However, a stock like Amazon is also actively traded after the… Continue reading Marketradar 28 Oktober 2022

Marketradar 27 Oktober 2022


Market Radar 27. October 2022 Swing Long Chance in SPY at 380 ? With yesterday’s closing price, the IPO ETF again receives the daily stamp “wait and see or speculate on sell off” for today. I assume that this gradation is only temporary. In terms of factors, Value (IWD) currently receives the daily stamp “bottoming… Continue reading Marketradar 27 Oktober 2022

Marketradar 25 Oktober 2022

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Market Radar 25. October 2022 At 380 No more funny? Yesterday evening around 21:20 German time was in the SPY end with Lustig. The 380 mark seemed to have been the right time for institutions and some day traders to take profits. If you trade the SPY and are currently not in it, you could… Continue reading Marketradar 25 Oktober 2022