Marketradar 23. November 2022

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Market Radar 23. November 2022 Market Are four disruptive fires slowing down the SPY today or not? Yesterday, the SPY ran into its probably maximum feasible daily goal: 400 points. Shortly before the close of trading, this mark was reached, but then just below with the closing bell: The SPY closed at 399.90 points. Even… Continue reading Marketradar 23. November 2022

Marketradar 21. November 2022

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Market Radar 21. November 2022 Market How about a Black Friday bet? On Friday, we saw higher trading volume in the S&P 500 when stocks fell than when stocks rose. That would be a plus point for all those who speculate on falling prices. Nevertheless, the SPY managed a daily gain of 0.45%. Even though… Continue reading Marketradar 21. November 2022

Marketradar 18. November 2022

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Market Radar 18. November 2022 Market The number 7 scared the stock market Why can it lead to this surprising opening below the previous day’s low, even though market breadth indicators yesterday signaled quite clearly an upward movement in the stock indices? The President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, James Bullard, indicated before the… Continue reading Marketradar 18. November 2022

Marketradar 11. November 2022

Market Radar 11. November 2022 Market Will yesterday’s gap be closed or not? The IWM receives the day stamp “Buy or top-up” again for today. The same applies to the SPY, which is allowed to “show off” with this award for the first time since 19 August this year. After all, the QQQ was upgraded… Continue reading Marketradar 11. November 2022

Marketradar 9. November 2022

Market Radar 7. November 2022 Market Bitcoin now in free fall? Tug-of-war between big and small caps continues The Nasdaq 100, represented here by the ETF with the abbreviation QQQ, receives the daily stamp “Wait or speculate on Sell Off” from today and now follows the IPO ETF as a risk-off part, which represents the… Continue reading Marketradar 9. November 2022

Marketradar 7. November 2022

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Market Radar 7. November 2022 Market Sustainable trend reversal is unlikely Friday was a good day for China stocks, gold, silver and copper mines, and steel. Shares from the semiconductor sector were also among the winners. However, as long as steel producers show more relative strength than semiconductor producers, a coming rally in the stock… Continue reading Marketradar 7. November 2022

Marketradar 4. November 2022

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Market Radar 4. November 2022 Market In the SPY yesterday we saw a candlestick in the chart, which is similar to a doji. A doji signals that a short-term direction decision is now pending. The SPY is likely to reach either 390 or 360 quite quickly, i.e. within a few trading days (yesterday it closed… Continue reading Marketradar 4. November 2022

Marketradar 2. November 2022

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Market Radar 2. November 2022 Did we see temporary exaggerations of the cops? The SPY only scratched the 390 mark in the first 5 minutes of trading on Tuesday. After that, the prices fell back towards the 380 mark and found a stop around 383. From 17:00 to 21:00 German time, the SPY oscillated in… Continue reading Marketradar 2. November 2022

Marketradar 1. November 2022

Market Radar 28. October 2022 Silver and copper futures rise pre-market Silver and copper futures are clearly up pre-market and should now get some boost now that the presidential elections in Brazil have been decided and all Latin American ETFs now receive the daily stamp “buy or top-up”. Many of the mining companies I observe… Continue reading Marketradar 1. November 2022

Marketradar 28 Oktober 2022

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Market Radar 28. October 2022 Post-market lows were bought The SPY closed yesterday almost exactly at the 380 mark. Today, the SPY is expected to open below 380, as Amazon (AMZN) was trading significantly lower than at the day’s closing price in after-hours trading. However, a stock like Amazon is also actively traded after the… Continue reading Marketradar 28 Oktober 2022