Marketradar 22. May 2023

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Market Radar 22. May 2023 Market The U.S. dollar moves the markets The strengthening of the US dollar has revealed five tendencies in the past trading week that could now determine the direction of the markets for the coming weeks: Institutional investors finally preferred stocks quoted in U.S. dollars to stocks quoted in other currencies… Continue reading Marketradar 22. May 2023

Marketradar 15. May 2023

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Market Radar 15. May 2023 Market Is the U.S. dollar now causing the price of equities to slide? IPO stocks are relatively strong across the marketFor the ETF Renaissance IPO (IPO), we gave the day stamp “Buy or top-up” in last Monday’s column. Anyone who had entered Wall Street at $28.25 on Monday would have… Continue reading Marketradar 15. May 2023

Marketradar 08. May 2023

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Market Radar 8. May 2023 Market Will the S&P 500 continue to move sideways after a breakout? The S&P 500 has been moving in a relatively narrow sideways range between 4160 and 4040 points since March 31, which is about 3% of the index value. Both the upper and lower bounds of this range have… Continue reading Marketradar 08. May 2023