Marketradar 24. July 2023

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Market Radar 24. July 2023 Market This week, new quarterly figures from Meta Platforms and Microsoft are coming: Bright prospects for the future are guaranteed – what does the stock market make of them? The ETFs for the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), for the Russell 1000 Growth (IMF) and for IPO stocks (IPO) indicate an entry… Continue reading Marketradar 24. July 2023

Marketradar 10. July 2023

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Market Radar 10. July 2023 Market Oil hui, biotech ugh ? Fears of persistently high interest rates dominated the past week According to new labor market data released in premarket trading on Friday, more jobs could be created in the U.S. economy again. However, the increase in newly created jobs was somewhat weaker than expected.… Continue reading Marketradar 10. July 2023

Marketradar 03. July 2023

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Market Radar 03. July 2023 Market Business leaders must take action now – despite high interest ratesU.S. economy with higher-than-expected GDP in the second quarter On Friday, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta released an updated forecast for U.S. gross domestic product. This so-called GDP Now survey was 2.2%, which forecasts significantly more growth than… Continue reading Marketradar 03. July 2023

Marketradar 05. June 2023

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Market Radar 05. June 2023 Market Are stock market traders now switching from the SPY ETF to the RSP ETF? The ETF for the S&P 500 (SPY) hit a new 52-week high at the close of the day on Friday. This means that the previously valid annual high of mid-August 2022 was overcome for the… Continue reading Marketradar 05. June 2023

Marketradar 22. May 2023

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Market Radar 22. May 2023 Market The U.S. dollar moves the markets The strengthening of the US dollar has revealed five tendencies in the past trading week that could now determine the direction of the markets for the coming weeks: Institutional investors finally preferred stocks quoted in U.S. dollars to stocks quoted in other currencies… Continue reading Marketradar 22. May 2023

Marketradar 15. May 2023

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Market Radar 15. May 2023 Market Is the U.S. dollar now causing the price of equities to slide? IPO stocks are relatively strong across the marketFor the ETF Renaissance IPO (IPO), we gave the day stamp “Buy or top-up” in last Monday’s column. Anyone who had entered Wall Street at $28.25 on Monday would have… Continue reading Marketradar 15. May 2023

Microsoft: Surprise? The rally continues.

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Microsoft: Surprise? The rally continues Microsoft: Surprise? The rally continues We propose the season Trade on the 10th october. All clients gets the message via telegram. Microsoft typically rises during the time period from October 10th until November 5th. This seasonal pattern recurs almost every year! In this period Microsoft rose on average by 8.28%… Continue reading Microsoft: Surprise? The rally continues.