Marketradar 22. December 2022

Market Radar 22. December 2022 Market The chemistry is no longer rightStock market participants bought massive put options yesterday Yesterday at 7 p.m. German time, the trading volume for put options on equities (including ETFs) rose rapidly at the CBOE. Obviously, many traders have chosen to hedge with put options during a rising stock market.… Continue reading Marketradar 22. December 2022

Marketradar 21. December 2022

Market Radar 19. December 2022 Market Gold, silver and oil in focus US stock indices slightly oversold Pre-IPO, the major US indices are rising slightly today. After all, the SPY was able to close above the 380 mark yesterday. With US equity markets somewhat oversold, there could now be an up move until Thursday. If… Continue reading Marketradar 21. December 2022

Marketradar 19. December 2022

Market Radar 19. December 2022 Market Are Internet stocks on the verge of a comeback? S&P 500 back below 200-day moving average The highly regarded 200 moving average is currently quoted at 399.99 in the ETF for the S&P 500 (SPY). Last Wednesday, the ETF fell below this moving average for the second time. If… Continue reading Marketradar 19. December 2022

Marketradar 08. December 2022

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Market Radar 08. December 2022 Market Little noise about almost nothing Yesterday at noon American time, the put call ratio measured by the CBOE jumped sharply. Stock market participants hedged with long put options. At the same time, trading volumes rose slightly more when equities rose than when stocks fell. On the one hand, the… Continue reading Marketradar 08. December 2022

Marketradar 06. December 2022

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Market Radar 06. December 2022 Market The fear of one’s own courage The SPY closed below the 400 mark on Monday. This is a clear warning: anyone who reacted euphorically on Friday to the will of the stock market to follow the trend and not the news saw on Monday that this will has now… Continue reading Marketradar 06. December 2022

Marketradar 05. December 2022

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Market Radar 05. December 2022 Market Risk-on increase despite bad news The US jobs report gave Wall Street a moment of shock an hour before the opening of trading on Friday. Wage growth twice as high as expected. Non-agricultural employment rose by 263,000 in November, well above the expected 200,000. Average hourly earnings rose by… Continue reading Marketradar 05. December 2022