Marketradar 24. April 2023

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Market Radar 24. April 2023 Market Hedge fund managers are in a “betting bind”. In March, hedge funds significantly expanded their short positioning in U.S. equities: short sales of over $40 billion were set up, so that the short selling ratio of these institutional professionals is currently likely to be around one trillion USD. This… Continue reading Marketradar 24. April 2023

Marketradar 10. April 2023

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Market Radar 10. April 2023 Market Easter baskets and marshmallows Labor market data without big surprises, or maybe?New US jobs data were released on Good Friday. Outside of agriculture, 236,000 net and seasonally adjusted new jobs were created, slightly exceeding expectations of 230,000 new jobs.The unemployment rate fell to 3.5% in March from 3.6% in… Continue reading Marketradar 10. April 2023

Marketradar 03. April 2023

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Market Radar 03. April 2023 Market Successful stock market participants looked to the future in the first quarter The ETF on the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) achieved a record result in the first quarter of 2023: it rose by a whopping 20.52%. The equally-weighted variant for the Nasdaq 100 (QQQE) rose by only 13.66% in the… Continue reading Marketradar 03. April 2023