Recurring patterns in the forex exchange market

The US Central Bank`s interest rate decision are among the most important influences on stock market events.

Stocks, pensions and especially currencies flutuate very strongly when central bankers change their current view on growth, inflation and future interest rate developments anounce. The US Federal Reserve is the world`s most important central bank: It decides on the national key interest rate eight times a year and thus has a lasting impact on the price level of the markets.

But traders don`t always have to wait for the Feds official interest rate decision to get a statistical advantage in EUR/USD. Because it is precisely the days before the FED decisioncan be systematically exploited for ones own benefit.

The basic idea of the Euro-Mountain Up strategy is that the EUR/USD exchange rate rises before the Feds Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) metting.

In order to benefit from the Euro Mountain Up strategy, we go five trading days before the FOMC decision in EUR/USD long. The position will be held until shortly after the actual decision, which will be announced on Wednesday at 20:00 hour MEZ german time. This brings us eight trades a year.

This is one of the strategies, where you can get the signals via Telegram.