Marketradar 13. March 2023

Market Radar 13. March 2023 Market Will we soon see new highs in bonds and new lows in equities? On Friday, we saw significant increases in the price of US Treasuries on Wall Street.The ETF for US government bonds with maturities of one to three years (SHY) gained 0.5% on Friday. Considering that this ETF… Continue reading Marketradar 13. March 2023

Marketradar 06. March 2023

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Market Radar 06. March 2023 Market Wednesday still roaring bear, Friday puffing bull U.S. stock markets showed astonishing strength on the buy side on Friday. We also observed a significant decrease in implied volatility. The put-to-call ratio measured by the Chicago Board Option Exchange (CBOE) fell below 0.60 at the opening of trading. This fell… Continue reading Marketradar 06. March 2023

Marketradar 21. February 2023

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Market Radar 21. February 2023 Market Pre-Opening, the bulls are declared war Pre-Opening, the major US stock indices are trading after the long weekend – in the USA Wall Street was closed due to the holiday “Presidents Day” on Monday – about the level of Friday’s lows (as of 10:30 a.m. German time). While at… Continue reading Marketradar 21. February 2023

Marketradar 13. February 2023

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Market Radar 13. February 2023 Market USA, Europe or China: who is leading the way?Can US equity markets once again take the lead over Europe? Recently, it almost seemed as if Europe was rushing away from the US in terms of momentum. If investors followed chart technical patterns of early trend recognition, the majority of… Continue reading Marketradar 13. February 2023